Healthcare and Pharma

We offer individual and tailor-made solutions for your institution, hospital or pharmaceutical company.


Dockx Rhenus Archisafe - Your partner for secure document management in Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Dockx Rhenus Archisafe is a national expert in document management, document archiving and destruction of confidential data and digital data.

We see ourselves as a provider of individual solutions that truly thinks and responds to our customers' needs. Our customer is more than just a number to us.

In terms of external archiving for Healthcare & Pharma, we offer special solutions such as sorting or adding patient records for hospitals and clinical trials for Pharma or destroying patient data into leaflets and medical prescriptions. These are complemented by our scan-on-demand service to deliver patient records digitally at short notice.
We have also designed special cardboard boxes for X-ray archives and offer fees for the silver content of the X-rays, after secure destruction.

Let's talk about your needs - we are happy to help.

Your Dockx Rhenus Archisafe archive

Your Dockx Rhenus Archisafe archive

Our certified high-security archives are subject to the strictest security regulations. With our advanced archiving system, we guarantee complete transparency in your document and file inventories. Every movement of your documents is recorded in the archive system in an audit-proof manner, so the status of the file can be tracked at any time.

Your benefits

  • Increased safety
  • Increased efficiency
  • Focus back on core tasks instead of administrative tasks
  • Cost- and space-saving
  • Easy access at any time