USB-Sticks und Speicherkarten liegen auf einer Fläche USB-Sticks und Speicherkarten liegen auf einer Fläche

Destruction of digital data

Safely destroy hard drives and other data carriers in our mobile shredding truck at your doorstep or at one of our secure destruction locations.

Secure destruction of digital data

Secure destruction of digital data

The digital data carriers in your company or organization contain confidential data, such as customer and employee data, purchasing information, innovation ideas, sales information and administrative information. This data is not only on the hard drive or HDD of your computers, but also on backup tapes, USB sticks, audio/video cassettes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, cell phones and memory cards. Ideally, you want to avoid unauthorized access to this confidential information. We help you safely destroy these hard drives and other discarded digital data carriers.

Your benefits

100% discretion and certainty

Physically destroying digital data is the least time-consuming and most inexpensive way to ensure that your data is 100% securely destroyed. The data is made unusable and unreadable. The remains are so small and distorted, that it is impossible to get any meaningful information from them.


All destroyed materials are recycled in a responsible manner by Dockx Rhenus Archisafe. For example, the metal and plastic residues of your digital data carriers are reprocessed at the Rhenus recycling plant in Lünen, Germany, into pure raw materials: iron, aluminum, copper and plastic granulate.


We stand for professional, environmentally friendly destruction and meet the highest security requirements. We destroy according to DIN standard 66399, security class P4 and P5, GDPR and are ISO 9001-2015, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 50001, ISO/IEC 21964-2018, OPK and CA+ certified. You will receive an official destruction certificate as proof.

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